Zenfolio | Gracie Jane Photography | FAQ


How many photos do you take at a wedding?
It really depends on how many hours I will be at your wedding. I usually average 60-100 photos per hour. It depends on what is going on at that time. Sometimes there's a lot of moments happening and then sometimes we are waiting for an event. It's always hard to put a number on how many are taken. I don't limit myself. When things are happening, I am taking photos. When things are not happening, I'm still taking photos! I still continue to take photos. Things also depend on how many details you have decided to have at your wedding, the number of guests and if you have lots of entertainment. 

Do you bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?
Yes, a professional photographer always has a back up camera, back up flash, back up everything! I always bring extra batteries and I wear a fanny pack! Why on earth do I wear one? Well, I did go out and buy a Tumi and Coach fanny pack, I figured if I wore one, I better have a nice one that was *ahem* fashionable! Ha! Ha! But seriously I wear one because I keep the memory cards in a secret zippered area. If God forbid my camera bag is stolen at a wedding, I will still have YOUR wedding memories on ME. I also keep mints, sewing kit, tide stick, bobby pins, safety pins, scissors, pens and a bottle opener in the fanny pack. I believe in "saving" the wedding day because I have seen more dresses rip than I care to share. A safety pin is a life saver. And yes, I know how to sew and very quickly. I have sewn hooks and eyes on, repaired zippers and I have sewn countless bridesmaids into their dresses. I make sure I do whatever it takes to keep my clients from stressing out.

What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of the wedding?
I always have my back up equipment with me. I try to be minimal but sometimes it's hard to be! I use Nikon professional equipment. You cannot buy professional equipment at a big box store.

When will we receive everything?
I ask for 4-6 weeks to work on your wedding photos. If it is peak season it could take a little longer. Imagine going thru 2,000 photos, one at a time and perfecting each one. Quality takes time! I always send some previews over so you have something to post to social media. One the photos are delivered to you, we can start the album process (if you purchased one). The album process can take 3 weeks or more. It really depends on the couple. Some couples take longer to make album choices. 

Do you take engagement photos?
Yes !! And it's a lot of fun!

Do you travel?
I am well versed in travel. I even have a special travel suitcase for my cameras. It is smaller than a backpack and allows me to carry it on an airplane without any trouble. Some of the carry on bags have to be gate checked and I never want to gate check my camera bag! I have traveled more than I can count. I am very used to it. I have been to Hawaii and Mexico several times for weddings. I have flown to the Dominican Republic, Virginia, NYC, California, Texas, Chicago... the list goes on. I have flown overseas as far as Egypt, not for a wedding but I did go all the way there to enjoy the awesome pyramids. I love to travel. If you are planning a wedding somewhere else, I can document your big day. 

Will we receive high resolution jpegs?
Goodness yes! I don't hold your photos "hostage" and make you pay extra for them. I know some photography companies do this. I give you a USB/jump drive with all of your wedding day photos OR make them available for download (depends on your package). They are high resolution and you can print up to 16x20. They are NOT watermarked and you will receive a print release to make as many prints as you hear desires!

Do you provide same sex, gay, lesbian wedding photography?
Of course! I hate that this even has to be a question! I don't care what your background is. If you are getting married, I will be there to document the day. I don't care about race, religion or sexual preferences. I am a professional photographer and my  job is to document and show the love between two people via photos!

Do you shoot video?
I don't! But there's many cool videographers out there!

Are there any extra charges, hidden fees, or unexpected add-on’s we should be aware of?
No! I don't believe in that. We discuss everything up front. Hidden fees is very shady and I pride myself on being open and honest. 

How do we reserve our date with you?
This is my favorite question! If you are wondering how that means we connected and you want to work with me. I love this! Thank you for the honor. You can reserve me with a contract that you fill out and a retainer to hold your wedding day. We can discuss the details in person.

What should we wear to our portrait/engagement session? 
Good question. Wear clothing that is comfortable to you. Wear things that are something you would normally wear. If you are a blue jeans type of couple, wear them! If you love getting dressed up, then please get dressed up. Avoid wearing the same color. Both of you should not wear black. For example, if he wears a red shirt, then the bride should wear a black shirt with red jewelry to compliment the groom. Avoid crazy patterns unless you're going for something super specific. Avoid words on your shirts or pants. I always recommend ladies not to wear sleeveless shirts unless you just love your arms. I tell my couples to avoid cargo shorts (they always look "off" in photos). Ladies, always wear makeup, even if you're going for the natural look. I suggest 2 outfits. Show up in your favorite outfit and have a 2nd one to put on. My couples usually change out their shirts. Ideas: sports jersey's, rock and roll t-shirts, buttons downs... just make sure that what you wear reflects the 2 of you as a couple!