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Are you ready to learn how to shimmy?




How much? 



Who: Anyone can attend! Beginners, people with 2 left feet, extra jelly in the belly, double jointed, short, tall, big, small, young, old, male, female... ALL are welcome to join!

Ages: Ages 13+. If you don't have a babysitter, you can bring your kids but if they are disruptive, you will need to leave the class or get them pre-occupied. I am not a babysitter and neither is anyone else in the class. Take care of your kids! Kids can sit down in the back and play on their devices or read a book but if they are screaming and running, you will have to leave. And if you have to leave, you still have to pay. No exceptions!

Men can attend? Yes BUT men cannot sit and watch. If you bring your boyfriend or spouse, he must dance. I have had male dancers in the class in the past. This is an equal opportunity classroom. I do not discriminate. If you have a problem with it, my classes are not for you. There will be no gawking or onlookers. This includes women as well. There are no observers in this classroom. And just incase you were wondering, no one is allowed to sit and observe.

Can I just watch before I try? NOPE. Did you read the above question and answer? Do you want people staring at you while you dance? I didn't think so. There will be no people just sitting around and watching. I can't stress this enough!

I don't have any dance experience! Well... neither did I when I started dancing. I had no idea what I was doing. Guess what? You learn, that is why there are dance classes silly! *laughing out loud* If experience was required, it would be called advanced belly dance. My classes are very beginner! I'm going to teach you how to have a left foot and a right foot! Imagine that!

Why is your class cheap? Because I can charge what I want and I want everyone to show up. Money can't be an excuse when it's just five bucks! No excuses.

Do I have to commit to this? Nope. You can try it once and run and hide afterwards. Or you can show up again for more fun. It's really up to you. I recommend at least 4 classes before you really decide if you like it or not. One class can feel overwhelming and you cannot get a full "feel" for the class in one lesson.

I want to attend but none of my friends will go with me. Show up and step out of your comfort zone!!! Stop being scared of trying new things. This is 2017, time to take life by storm and do things that you never thought you would do. Belly dancing is one of those fun and exciting things to try!! Trust me, you'll make friends in the classroom and quick.

I don't want to show my belly! So don't! I don't show my belly either! Sometimes I show it when I am performing but in a classroom? Nope. I wear clothes that are comfortable!

Well... what should I wear? Wear comfortable work out clothes. It really does not matter. Just wear whatever you like wearing! T-shirts, capris, stretchy jeans, leggings, etc. I want you to be comfortable!

What about my feet? We dance bare foot. Prepare for your feet to get dirty. Don't want to be bare foot? Get some ballerina slippers or socks that can get dirty! If you want to wear your tennis shoes, that is fine but you may not be able to execute certain moves as easily as a beginner.

Will I lose weight? It depends on you. If you're lazy like me and you're only dancing for one hour, once a week... probably not. You'll at least get some form of exercise and you'll have fun doing it. If you're motivated and practice several times during the week, you will see lots of results. 

I have a bad back, bad knees, bad feet, bad arms... I'm bad ass. Ok, seriously, if you have concerns please consult with your doctor before starting a class. Classes are a low impact aerobic exercise and we do use our leg muscles a lot! Be prepared for your hips and legs to burn! This is a good thing! We want to burn some calories. 

I don't have a skinny/sexy body. Yeah, me neither. Stop looking at those stupid magazines that say we all have to conform to look a certain way. These classes will help you get comfortable in your own skin!

I'm pregnant, can I dance? Speak to your doctor about this. I don't have a problem with anyone being pregnant but get the "permission" from your doctor first!

I am too scared to show up, I'm going to look like a dumb ass! Yup. If you think it, you will become one. Seriously though... Everyone in the class is feeling that same exact way. Everyone feels like that their first time and there after. I felt like that the first time I went to class. Hell, sometimes I still feel like that and I am teaching! At my first class I felt like an awkward deer with 4 left legs trying to jump over a 10 foot fence. Y'all I looked so stupid, I know I did, but I decided I did not care and that I wanted to let loose and have fun. These classes are meant for that... FUN!!!!

What makes you the authority on bellydance? Nothing. Nobody told me I was. I just happened to take classes from all kinds of freaking cool teachers and learned from Terry and she taught me so much good stuff. I have taught a lot of fun classes. I do not claim to be an expert. I DO claim to be the queen of fun. And I will laugh a lot, make fun of my own self as I do out of control shimmies and I will be silly.

Do I have to perform? NOPE. There is no reason to perform unless you really want to. Most of my students just love to dance and have fun BUT if you are interested in performing, let me know! There's one big belly dance convention in Arkansas each year in July. It's called Shimmyfest and it's a lot of fun to attend!

Do I need to wear a coin scarf? You don't need anything for this class except an open mind and a willingness to learn. If you have a fringy scarf, bring it. If you have a coin scarf wear that loud butt noise maker. HA! I have about 10 scarves for students to borrown during class. They are to be used during class and returned after class is over. Using my belts is on a first come, first serve basis. If you show up late and we have a very full class, don't get angry because you don't have a belt to wear during class. You can buy these things cheap on Ebay now. 

Miscellaneous: Don't get in my personal space. Don't be a pervert. Be courteous. Be encouraging. Stop trying to teach others in class if you're a beginner. There may be very advanced students in class and I will call on them to ask for assistance. But please do not be disruptive and talk over what I am teaching, it's rude. Have respect for others in the classroom. If you make fun of anyone, you are banned for a lifetime from my classes. Bottom line: I am an easy going person that loves to have fun. Fun is the name of this class and if you are a fuddy, take your bullshit out of the classroom and find somewhere else to unload. This class is one hour long and is an hour of escape from the real world. This is a full hour where we don't have to "adult" and be responsible. The only thing you're responsible for is having a full hour to yourself and having fun!!


Can we hire you for a party? There are several dancers to choose from that can go out to teach a fun class to a group in your home or your choice of location. We can also do a private class in the dance studio just for you and your friends. Having a party for you and your friends is a lot of fun! It's great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, events, etc. I personally do not go out and perform for parties anymore. I may be able to find someone to go out and do a belly gram if you are interested.