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Weddings are like breathing to me. A person cannot live without breathing air and I cannot live without having photography and weddings in my life! I absolutely love the creativity and uniqueness that goes into every single wedding that I am honored to document. As a creative person, I make every single wedding a challenge in trying to capture a different angle or viewpoint. When I am photographing a wedding I can be seen laying on the ground, standing on top of furniture, running to get a photo and sitting down acting inconspicuously in order to capture a perfect moment. I am a major people person and I can get along with every personality type on the planet. My talents include many artistic endeavors, photography being #1 but I will also say that my talent also includes people. I love people and I love being around a variety of people from so many various backgrounds. 

When I am not photographing a wedding or editing a wedding (I call it wediting) I can be found creating costumes, sewing, painting, drawing, writing really cheesy poems and supporting my daughter in all of her artistic endeavors! She is a fantastic videographer, cheerleader, musician and artist. She is my pride and blows me away with her talents! I just got married to Jeromy on July 29, 2017. I married the guy that makes me smile and laugh! He's as silly as me!

I have been a photographer for over 18 years and I am currently writing a book about what it is like to be a wedding photographer. I am telling all of the funny, amazing and heart warming stories in the book. I cannot wait to have it published! I currently reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas but I have been all over the United States photographing weddings. I spent almost 5 years in Chicago and I was named one of the top 20 photographers in all of Chicagoland, beating out over 1,000 other photographers. I have been to places like Hawaii, Washington D.C., Texas, Las Vegas, California, Florida, Mexico and the Dominican Republic to document weddings. I am well versed in travel and I have flown well over 300 times in my life! I love to travel and I am always up for the next adventure in weddings. 


Besides photographing weddings, families and boudoir, I love to create photographs that make people wonder what I was thinking. I call these sessions "transformation shoots." I do the makeup or the body/face paintings, costumes and sets. I have won an international award, various local awards and I've been printed numerous times in various magazines and books. Want to see some of those award winning & quirky photos? View the gallery  here

Please look through the online galleries and reach out to me if you have any questions.  Wedding begin at $275 for one hour of coverage. Feel free to call or text me at: 479-755-ido8 (4368)